(Orange, Texas)

February 22, 2014

Filing for May 10 election enters final week

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Only five filing days remain for those interested in taking part in the May general election.

The filing period for the May 10 general election for positions with seven city councils, four school districts Board of Trustees and four county agencies board positions will end on Friday, Feb. 28.

The most movement which has taken place recently is for the seats on the Orange County Drainage District. With an election already set for the Precinct 3 seat between new candidates Hal LaPray and Woodrow “Woody” Dugas, an election will also occur for the Precinct 1 seat between candidates Kenneth Pigg and Bubba Simpson.

Incumbent Brent Peveto has also refiled to retain his position as Director at large. He is currently unopposed.

In the City of Pinehurst, incumbent John D. Zerko has filed for re-election to his at large council position. There are three such positions available, but only two candidates, including newcomer George “Mike” Anderson, have filed for the at large seats. Incumbent Mayor J.L. “Pete” Runnels has filed for his position again and is currently unopposed.

The City of Pine Forest will have an election as well as new candidate Robert Kramer will contest incumbent Donald Lemp for the Place 2 seat on council. In Rose City, only incumbent councilman David Reese has filed to seek re-election.

Orange County Water Control and Improvement District 1 will have an election on May 10 as well. Incumbent Tim Beard has filed for re-election, and joining the list of candidates is Guy Groves, who will battle for one of the three positions alongside incumbent Robert Viator Sr. and candidate Trey Haney.

City of Orange (2 seats)

Essie Bellfield* - District 3

Charles Guillory* -  Position 6

Cullin Smith - Position 6

Larry Spears Jr. - Position 6

City of West Orange (3 at large)

Shirley Bonnin*

Michael Shugart Sr.*

Dale Dardeau*

City of Pinehurst (Mayor, 3 at large)

J.L. “Pete” Runnels* - Mayor

John D. Zerko* - at large

George “Mike” Anderson - at large

None - at large

City of Bridge City (Mayor, 3 seats)

Kirk Roccaforte* - Mayor

Mike Reed* - Place 2

Eric Andrus* - Place 4

None - Place 6

City of Vidor (3 seats)

None - Ward 2

Jason Woodard - Ward 3

Gary Herrera - Ward 5

City of Rose City (3 at large, 2 vacant)

Bonnie Stephenson - Mayor (vacant)

David Reese* - at large

None - at large

None - at large

None - at large (vacant)

City of Pine Forest (3 seats)

Donald Lemp* - Place 2

Robert Kramer - Place 2

Kevin Singleton* - Place 3

John Wesley Brown* - Place 4

West Orange-Cove CISD (2 at large)

Ruth H. Hancock

Ricky Blagburn

Shirley (Martin) Joseph

LC-M CISD (2 seats)

Randy McIIwain* - Position 1

Marlene Courmier* - Position 3

Bridge City ISD (2 seats)

Michael C. Johnson* - Place 6

Mark Anderson* - Place 7

Vidor ISD (2 seats)

Kimberly Crossley* - Position 6

Michael Helms* - Position 7

Orange County Navigation and Port District (3 seats)

Jerry Hughes* - at large

Keith Wallace* - Precinct 1

John Young* - Precinct 4

Orange County Drainage District (3 seats)

Kenneth Pigg - Precinct 1

Bubba Simpson - Precinct 1

Hal LaPray - Precinct 3

Woodrow “Woody” Dugas - Precinct 3

Brent Peveto* - Director at large

Orange County Water Control and Improvement Dist. 1 (3 at large)

Robert Viator Sr.*

Tim Beard*

Trey Haney

Guy Groves

Orange County Water Control and Improvement Dist. 2 (3 at large)

David Richard*

Tom Woolley*

Glenn Curran*

* =  Incumbent