(Orange, Texas)

January 25, 2013

$30 Million project could have strong economic impact for county

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — A $30 million project could be just what Orange County needs in a struggling economy.

Billy Greer and John Frazier of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. will present a slide show concerning the project at 2 p.m. Monday during Commissioners Court Special session after which the court will discuss and take action concerning the permit fees for the project.

The project is concerning a dock on the Orange County side of the Neches River and docking eight reserve government federal ships to be maintained and kept up to date for when they are needed according to County Judge Carl Thibodeaux.

“The project will include 30 construction workers,” Thibodeaux said. “Some of those will be permanent.”

The presentation is excepted to show the economic impact the project will have for Orange County.

The court was asked a year ago to request The Jefferson County Industrial Development Corporation to issue bonds for the Port of Beaumont Transload Project because the loading and unloading facilities at the Port of Beaumont in Orange County was outside the boundaries of Jefferson County.

Jefferson Refinery, LLC was in need of a deep water port due to plans to reopen the refinery in Hamshire.