(Orange, Texas)

January 15, 2013

County Engineer finds winning solution

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County Engineer Clark Slacum said it is a win-win situation for the county.

Clark asked Commissioners Court to sign a resolution to allow the county to participate with the Texas Department of Transpiration in the replacement/ rehabilitation of selected drainage structures in the county.

A grant through Ike 2.2 has funds originally earmarked for the swing bridge in Bridge City which needs to be refurbished. TxDOT is able to do the work under a different program extending the deadline of completion.

“This helps with the deadlines for the grants,” Slacum said on Monday during Commissioners Court. “Under the GLO grant, the bridge needed to be completed by 2015. Now we will have three years to complete the project.”

The grant will be used to match the funds needed for the bridge project.

The refurbishing of the bridge will cost $18.4 billion through TxDOT and 10% match would be $1.86 billion. The grant will be used for the 10% match which will then be used on the drainage structures, essentially giving the county a $1.8 billion credit with TxDOT.

Jody Crump, commissioner pct. 4 said the work has to be done regardless.

This way the county is not having to use any funds to pay for the projects.

Texas A&M University System Entomologist Dr. Bart Drees spoke to the court about the Ant seminar at the Raymond Gould Community Center at 6 p.m. Monday.

“We have some new ants in Texas and they are presenting some challenges,” Drees said.

The court approved the bond for Orange County District County Attorney John Kimbrough. Kimbrough was left off the agenda last week.

A committee was formed to make recommendations on rental fees, operating guidelines, web-site operations and general policy for the Orange County Convention and Expo Center. Those appointed are Mark Wimberly, Lisa Reeves, Billy Fillyaw, Connie Cassidy, Paula Tacker, Jeff Kelley and John Banken.

Crump asked if the committee would be back to make the recommendations before the doors opened to the new building. 

Emergency Management Director Jeff Kelley said he hoped so.


Dawn Burleigh is a reporter at The Orange Leader. She can be reached at and followed on Twitter @DawnBurleigh