(Orange, Texas)

January 16, 2014

Spindletop Center set to expand

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Losing a spouse after eighteen years can be very traumatic. For Ricky Greenwood, it was the start of suffering from Bipolar and Manic Depression.

“I was not diagnosed before my wife died,” Greenwood said. “I woke up. She was dead and it all began.”

Greenwood depends on others for rides as he does not drive which created a challenge for him to seek help.

“They haven’t had programs where in Orange, only in Beaumont,” Greenwood said. “It has only been in the last year that the programs have been available in Orange. It has made a huge difference.”

Greenwood spoke to Commissioners Court on Monday about how programs available through Spindletop have helped him with mental and health action plans and identifying early warning signs.

“A year ago I would not have been able to talk like I did today,” Greenwood said.

A friend brought Greenwood to Spindletop to try and help him find any kind of help.

“I knew something was wrong,” Greenwood said. “We figured we would start with mental first and go from there.”

Spindletop will receive Medicaid funding to expand services to Jefferson, Hardin, Chambers and Orange county residents under the 1115 Medicaid Healthcare Transformation Waiver program which will implement fourteen projects valued at approximately $37 million.

One project is refurbishing existing buildings owned by Spindletop into twelve studio apartments in Orange for clients at risk of being homeless.

“Those suffering from behavioral health die 20 years sooner,” Spindletop Center Chief Authority Sally Broussard said. “We have already opened an integrated primary care which gives clients a one-stop shopping where they can also check on their blood pressure, diabetes, etc.”

The programs will help treat those persons with mental health or substance abuse issues while taking into account their mental and physical health needs.

The fourteen projects are:

• Specialty Psychiatric Clinic

• Youth Respite - a 12-bed facility for youths aged 10-17 as an alternative to a dentition center.

• Client Portal

• Extended Crisis Stabilization - allowing patients to beyond the typical 3-7 days to become stable.

• Detox Unit - the first ever for residents in Southeast Texas.

• Primary Care Integration

• Community Behavioral Crisis Services

• Behavioral Health Training

• Mental Health Deputies

• Peer-to-peer Support

• ECI Community Outreach/Education

• Housing

• IDD Wellness Program