(Orange, Texas)

July 20, 2013

OC Democratic Party has change in leadership

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — A change has come to the Orange County Democratic Party.

Mark Carter resigned in late June as the chairperson of the Orange County Democratic Party, a role which he held for approximately 12 years. The move is not one Carter decided on lightly.

“It was a time for a change,” Carter said of his reason to resign as chairperson from the Orange County Democratic Party. “It’s time to let someone else take the reins and lead the party for a while. I’ve had my time, now it’s time for someone else to get a crack.”

Carter, who not only served as the local party leader for 12 years but also served as a state activist for eight years, said he had been thinking about resigning his post since the middle of 2012.

“It was just something that had been on my mind for a while, nothing more than that really,” Carter added.

Carter knows the current political climate is not very favorable to Democrats, but he believes his party will make a comeback sooner rather than later.

“The group is undergoing a lot of change right now, so I expect the Democratic party to have one more bad election cycle before things change,” Carter continued. “People will really have to start looking at the issues that are impacting the middle class citizens and how that is going to be addressed.”

Just because Carter has stepped down from his post within the party does not mean he is done with politics.

“I was a campaign manager long before I became chairperson of the Democratic party, so you never know what I might end up doing real soon,” Carter said with a slight laugh. “I plan on staying involved in some form.”

Following Carter’s resignation, an election was held which led the selection of Deborah Mitchell as the new chairperson of the Orange County Democratic Party.

“I believe we still have some good people and good candidates in the Democratic party,” Carter said. “I think good things are ahead for our party, and I will continue to support those people this next election.”