(Orange, Texas)

October 30, 2012

Building on 1442 is officially named

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County Commissioners Court has officially selected a name for the building on 1442 which has been called several names during it’s construction including: The C.H.A.M.P.S. building, the 1442 building, and the Shelter of Last Resort.

The structure will now be known as the Orange County Convention and Expo Center.

“The building is for emergency usage but it’s use is two-fold,” County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said. “I think this name well represents it’s general use.”

A rodeo center/arena is planned for next to the convention and expo center and will be built entirely from private donations.

A name was selected because the contractors needed to know for signs for the building.

The court proclaimed October as ‘National Domestic Violence Awareness Month’ and  November as ‘Official Home Care and Hospice Month’.

Cindy Fertitta, primary prevention specialist/education coordinator for Rape and Suicide Crisis of Southeast Texas said the organization gives victims services they need and are advocates through the judicial system.

“We need to never ask why a woman stays,” Fertitta said. “Instead we should ask why he hits her.”

Rape and Suicide Crisis of Southeast Texas also educates on how bullying in schools leads to domestic violence.

According to the proclamation for home care and hospice month, home care in Texas is a growing alternative to hospitalization or other institution-based forms of health care for acute and chromic illness, providing care to hundreds of thousands of Texans each year.

In other county business the court approved the paying of bills for a total of $512,319.42.

The amount included a payment of $216,901.08 to APAC for a seal coat previously completed on Japanese Lane. A grant funded the project and the county recently received the funds from the grant.

The commissioners accepted the Certification of the 2012 current and delinquent tax rolls. The delinquent taxes for the county portion is over $2 million for the years ranging from 1971-2011.

“The numbers [from the current tax roll] are the ones the budget is based on,” said John Dubose, commissioner, pct. 3.