(Orange, Texas)

October 13, 2012

Sales tax revenue improves across Orange County

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Sales tax revenue continues to climb in Orange County as nearly every incorporated city showed a gain in September.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs announced this week that state sales tax revenue in September was $1.96 billion, up 11.6 percent compared to September 2011. In Orange County, revenue was up 5.75 percent compared to September of last year.

“Continued strength in the manufacturing and oil and natural gas sectors led to the sales tax revenue increase,” Combs said. “Collections were also boosted by improvement in consumer spending at restaurants and retail stores. State sales tax revenue has now increased for 30 straight months.”

The City of Vidor rebounded from its first decrease in 2012 with a gain of 9.59 percent, or an increase of approximately $14,000 compared to September 2011. Vidor’s sales tax revenue for the year-to-date is also the highest in Orange County as the city is up more than $112,000, or 6.88 percent, over 2011.

The City of Bridge City is also ahead for the year-to-date in sales tax revenue as the city is nearly $50,000 above 2011 figures, a gain of more than 5 percent. Bridge City received a payment of $94,098.61 this month from the State Comptroller, a gain of 5.58 percent compared to the payment this time last year.

“Some of this increase was from back to school shopping, but another part of it has come from an increase in home remodeling in Bridge City,” said Jerry Jones, city manager. “The economy has shifted a little, and people are spending a little more money. The city has come out with more revenue from sales tax this year than we budgeted for, so that’s a good thing.”

The City of West Orange and Pinehurst both remain ahead for the year to date as well. West Orange received a payment of approximately $78,000, a 4.60 percent increase over September 2011, while Pinehurst showed a gain of nearly $2,000, or 3.25 percent.

After a slow start early in the year, the City of Rose City has come on strong thanks to the addition of the new Greyhound bus terminal which opened in the spring. Rose City showed an increase of 7.44 percent for the month compared to last year and is now 2.10 percent ahead for the year-to-date.

The City of Orange has also showed steady growth the past few months. The city received an allocation of $258,086.23 from the state this month, a gain of more than $11,000 or 4.50 percent. However, the city remains $90,000 behind 2011 figures for the year-to-date.