(Orange, Texas)

November 21, 2012

Restaurant has weekly inspections until cleaned

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — James Scales, county health inspector, said McDonald’s located at 1710 North 16th Street in Orange, a lot of cleaning is required at the business.

A recent inspection at the restaurant produced a health score of 82 out of a possible 100. Demerits are for the walk in freezer not closing completely, several outdated apples, yogurts and lettuce had to be pulled, ‘clean’ dishes found with old foods on them, mold inside the ice machine and several areas within the establishment are in need of being cleaned.

The health reports also notes the health inspector will make weekly visits to check on the progress of the cleaning.

Other scores include:

• Vo Seafood located at 1609 North 16th Street in Orange. Score: 93. Demerits are for raw oysters sitting on stop of plastic grocery bags and the outside of doors, walls and equipment in need of being cleaned of old foods.

• Circle K Kiddie Ranch located at 16944 Highway 62 in Orange. Score: 100.

• Dairy Queen located at 321 Strickland Drive in Orange. Score: 100.

• Popeye’s Fried Chicken located at 1604 West Link in Orange. Score: 87. Demerits are for an employee’s drink in the freezer, several flies found throughout the kitchen, several ‘clean’ dishes with foods still stuck on them, and doors and equipment in need of being cleaned and sanitized.

• Star Stop #4/ Exxon Deli located at 1415 16th Street in Orange. Score: 89. Demerits are for need to date/label all foods in the cooler, the need to have name and address on all bags of ice sold, and 146 expired foods on the shelves.

• Church’s Chicken located at 1322 16th Street in Orange. Score: 76. Demerits are for an employee’s drink without a straw or lid sitting on prep tables, employees with improper jewelry, in need of dating and labeling all foods in the cooler, storing bread on the floor in cooler, and several flies and roach found in kitchen.