(Orange, Texas)

December 14, 2013

Historic dome to have 'new' look

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The silver dome associated with the former First Baptist Church Orange, now known as The Center for Stark Cultural Venues, 602 Green Avenue, Orange, will under renovations to waterproof the building as well as restoring the appearance of the structure to the original design in 1914.

The Stark Foundation acquired the property May 17, 2013.

The location will be the center of all of the Stark Cultural Venues, both as an expanded educational facility as well as a small event facility according to a previous published article in The Orange Leader.

City of Orange Director of Planning and Community Development Jimmie Lewis presented a slide show of the dome and the proposed changes during a City of Orange Historic Preservation Meeting Tuesday evening.

“There are problems through out the dome,” Lewis said. “There are dents and wrinkles throughout and the dome has leaked for quite a while.”

Stark Foundation Chief Properties Officer Gus Harris said the construction will meet new wind codes and is an engineered arrangement.

“It will look like a change because it has looked this way since 1942,” Harris said. “It will actually have a more original look, a fish scale look of the original roof.”

Harris also said that a minimal amount of interior wood will need to be replaced due to the water leakage in the roof.

“Our first priority to waterproof the building,” Harris said. “That starts with the roof. Any internal renovations have yet to be decided.”

J. Rob Clark with Architectural Alliance, Inc., Beaumont, is currently designing a survey and plan for the facility.

Clark is also working with the Friends of the Orange Depot for planned renovations of the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot on Green Avenue, Orange.

Lewis announced, during the meeting, the sale for the depot has been finalized.