(Orange, Texas)

November 10, 2012

Community Christian blasts Magnolia Legacy, 78-19

Mike Louviere
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Saturday night, Nov. 10, will be a night the Lions and their supporters at Community Christian High School will long remember. Their 78-19 win over the Lions of Magnolia Legacy Prep gave them first place in their district, a berth in the playoffs, and the opportunity to host a first round playoff game at Stewart Stadium.

In the last game of their regular season, the Lions opened the game on defense after kicking the ball to the Legacy Lions. After five plays with Legacy not able to advance the ball far enough down field to gain a first down, Legacy punted to CCS.

On the first offensive play, C J Wagner ran for a mere four yards. Wagner took the ball for the second time, evaded the “other Lions” ran about 35 yards to cross the goal line for the first six points of the night. Brett Foster booted the ball over the cross bar and the score was 8-0 with 7:46 left in the quarter.

CCS would make a night of kick offs that just dribbled and rolled over the field. This second kick hit the thigh of a Legacy Lion and bounced into one of the CCS six for a recovered fumble that gave the ball back to the CCS Lions.

On the first play, R C Morris darted and dodged and after about 25 yards crossed the goal line for another six points. Foster booted the ball across for another two points. The score was 16-0. The clock read 7:35. It was a fast 11 seconds of ball playing.

The CCS kick went out of bounds and after the penalty the Legacy Lions took the ball on the 30 yard line. On their 1-15 play the snap went deep and out of bounds. The second play on the 2 – 20 situation resulted in a fumble that was recovered by a CCS Lion.

On the first play of the CCS Lions possession Foster passed to Wagner and another six points was on the board. A good PAT added two more points and the score was 24-0 with 7:02 on the clock.

The Lions kicked to the Lions and the Lions fumbled and the Lions took the ball. The CCS Lions had possession again. On the fourth play Foster handed the ball to Alex Parrish. Parrish dashed about 10 yards and scored. Foster booted the ball across the put the score at 32-0.

CCS kicked to Legacy and Legacy began to play ball. On the third play of their possession, James Billot caught a pass and scored the first six for Legacy. An attempt to run the ball across the line made the score 32-6, CCS.

With about three minutes on the clock Foster passed to Wagner for a TD. A good PAT made the score 40-6.

Legacy ran the kick to the 11 yard line. On their first play, Tyler Dixson intercepted a pass and ran the ball to the opposite 28 yard line. Dakota Alexander carried the ball twice to gain about four yards, then Foster passed to Joseph Leblanc who caught the ball and crossed the goal line. A missed PAT made the score 46-6 with 2:30 left in the first quarter.

Legacy gained possession, and then lost possession. CCS took possession and on their third play R C Morris made the run of the night when he ran nearly 70 yards for a score. The good PAT showed 54-6 on the board with 0:33 left in the quarter.

The kick to Legacy gave them the ball at about midfield when the quarter ended. They lost three yards on their first play, tossed the ball for three incomplete passes and finally turned the ball over to the CCS Lions on the three yard line.

CCS scored on the first play, kicked good and put the score at 62-6 with 9:21 left to go in the second quarter.

Legacy made two plays, fumbled the third, CCS recovered, and ran for another TD, made two more and showed themselves ahead 70-6 with 8:33 on the clock.

The little roly-poly CCS kick was stopped by the Legacy Lions on the 32 yard line. They made a short pass that gained them about eight yards, ran for 10 yards, the made a long pass that gave them another TD. Their attempt to run the PAT put them on the board at 70-12, CCS leading.

Dakota Alexander got the ball on the kick and ran almost 50 yards. Lawrence Gallow ran the ball across on the first play and the good PAT put the CCS Lions ahead 78-12. There was 5:22 left in the second quarter.

Legacy took the ball and in their longest possession of the night, ran nine plays to finally pass the ball for a touchdown play that, along with a successful run for the PAT gave them 19 points for the game. The score was 78-19, with 1:23 left on the clock.

Morris, of the CCS Lions took the kick and took off like a jet engine was in his shoes. Morris was clearly headed for the goal line when a Legacy Lion made a desperate grab and caught Morris’ shirttail.  The brakes went on and Morris was stopped cold, robbed of a brilliant touchdown run. All 12 players on the field appeared surprised; none more so than Morris.

CCS kept possession, and more or less ran the clock out. The game ended with the cooler of ice water dumped on an unsuspecting coach Larry Spears, Jr.

Winning this game gave CCS the championship in their district. It also gave them the opportunity to host the first round of their playoff games.

“Tonight we finish out our regular season at 8-2. We are now number one for District 5. Right now we are ranked number 11 in the state in Division II. We will find out Monday who we will play, our next game will be here next weekend. I’m very proud of our kids; it has been a great season. There are four more rounds; it would be sweet to play that fourth game. That is for the State Championship. We will play one more game here and then, hopefully, we will be playing all over the state,” said Spears.