(Orange, Texas)

February 27, 2013

Orange County full of tournaments this week

Van Wade
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County diamonds will be busy Thursday through Saturday with three tournaments around the area.

Little Cypress-Mauriceville will host the Don Gibbens Baseball Tournament, West Orange-Stark and Orangefield will combine to host a baseball tournament while WO-S will also be the home of the Lady Mustang Tournament.

Games at the Gibbens Tournament at LC-M High School Thursdayy includes Jasper vs. Bridge City (10:30 a.m.), Lumberton vs. Silsbee (1 p.m.), LC-M vs. Bridge City (3:30 p.m.), and LC-M vs. Lumberton (6 p.m.).

Games Friday will pit Lumberton vs. Bridge City (10:30 a.m.), Silsbee vs. Jasper (1 p.m.), LC-M vs. Silsbee (3:30 p.m.), and LC-M vs. Jasper (6 p.m.).

Games Saturday will include Jasper vs. Lumberton (10:30 a.m.), Bridge City vs. Silsbee (1 p.m.), and the championship game (3:30 p.m.).

Games at the OF/WO-S Tournament will be played at both locations.

Games at Orangefield Thursday will include Hamshire-Fannett vs. Deweyville (12:30 p.m.), Orangefield vs. East Chambers (3:30 p.m.), and Orangefield vs. Kelly (6 p.m.). Games at WO-S Thursday will be WO-S vs. PA Memorial (12:30 p.m.) and WO-S vs. Kirbyville (3 p.m.).

Games at Orangefield Friday will consist of Deweyville vs. East Chambers (12:30 p.m.), Deweyville vs. Kirbyville (3 p.m.), and Orangefield vs. Kirbyville (5:30 p.m.). Games at WO-S Friday will be WO-S vs. Kelly (12:30 p.m.), Hamshire-Fannett vs. Kelly (3 p.m.), and Hamshire-Fannett vs. PA Memorial.

Games at Orangefield Saturday will be Kelly vs. PA Memorial (11 a.m.) and Orangefield vs. PA Memorial (1:30 p.m.). Games at WO-S Saturday will consist of East Chambers vs. Kirbyville (11 a.m.), East Chambers vs. Hamshire-Fannett (1:30 p.m.), and WO-S vs. Deweyville (4 p.m.).

The Lady Mustang Tournament will get started at 9:30 a.m. Thursday when Hardin-Jefferson takes on East Chambers.

Other games today include Hardin vs. Hamshire-Fannett (11 a.m.), H-F vs. H-J (12:30 p.m.), Hardin vs. East Chambers (2 p.m.), Deweyville vs. WO-S (3:30 p.m.), Kirbyville vs. Jasper (5 p.m.), Kirbyville vs. WO-S (6:30 p.m.), and Deweyville vs. Jasper (8 p.m.).

Games at the tourney Friday include Hardin vs. Kirbyville (9:30 a.m.), East Chambers vs. WO-S (11 a.m.), Hardin vs. WO-S (12:30 p.m.), East Chambers vs. Kirbyville (2 p.m.), Hamshire-Fannett vs. Deweyville (3:30 p.m.), H-J vs. Jasper (5 p.m.), H-J vs. Deweyville (6:30 p.m.), and Jasper vs. H-F (8 p.m.).

After all the dust is settled with the win-loss records, there will be six more games on Saturday with the championship game starting at 5 p.m.