(Orange, Texas)

September 27, 2012

Orange City Council agrees to help Regional Airport

Mike Louviere
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The City of Orange will do its part to try to bring air service back to Jack Brooks Regional Airport. The council agreed to invest $20,000 in the Minimum Revenue Guarantee program for American Airlines.

At the present $1,300,000 has been pledged to the program. American had asked for $1,500,000 before committing to bring their American Eagle flights back to the regional airport. If the amount is pledged to the satisfaction of American, they will bring in 50 seat passenger jets and offer three and if needed four flights per day between the Jack Brooks Regional Airport and their Dallas-Fort Worth Terminal.

EDC member Alan Sanders proposed a “tightening” of the wording in the agreement that the city approved. Sanders’ proposal added wording that would place a specific amount of money, the $20,000 and a specific time period, i.e., not past two years. Both the EDC and the City approved Sanders’ proposal.

American will set the break-even point for the flights. If bookings are below that point, money will be taken from the MRG funds. Contributors to the fund are assured that there will be accounting with cross checks to assure that the MRG is properly administered.

ITEX Construction had requested that the city waiver liens that had been placed on properties it has recently acquired. The liens are in the amount of money the city has spent to mow high grass on some properties and for the demolition of structures on other properties. ITEX requested the waivers so that they could begin construction on the properties in question. The council discussed and then voted to deny the request.

The council made appointments to two boards; Katherine Frey was appointed to the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board for a three year term, and Patricia Coppage and Michael Combs were appointed to the Orange Housing Authority Board for two year terms.

Scoutmasters and Scouts from Troop 1, Orange, were in attendance at the meeting. They were there to observe the working of city government. Several council members made official comments stating their support for Boy Scouts and their appreciation for the adults that take time to serve Scouting.

There will be a special called meeting of the Orange City Council Friday, September 28, at 9:00 a.m.  The purpose of the meeting will be to vote on adopting the city’s budget, tax rate, and industrial contracts for the upcoming fiscal year.

The meeting is open to the public.