(Orange, Texas)

July 24, 2013

Council hires new City Secretary

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Deputy City Secretary Patricia Anderson was thanked by Mayor Jimmy Sims and the City Council for her performance as acting City Secretary since Kerry Kittrell in February of this year.

Anderson was offered the position but declined.

City Manager Shawn Oubre recommended Rhonda Haskins to serve as City Secretary. Haskins has served as City Secretary for the City of Vidor.

“I want to personally thank Anderson for conducting the election in May,” Oubre said during the Tuesday evening meeting.

The city choose to wait until after the May election to search for a new City Secretary in case the person selected did not have prior experience.

There were at least four internal application and approximately 40 external.

Daniel Lawton of Lawton Law Firm in Austin, Texas asked the council to consider a resolution to support a proposal by Entergy Texas, Inc. and ITC Holdings Corp. regarding the change of ownership and control transmission business, transfer of certification rights and related relief in Public Utility Commissions Docket No. 41223.

“The transmission infrastructure in Texas has not been maintained,” Lawton said. “ITC only does transmission.”

Council Member At Large Position 5 Bill Mello asked if it would be stopped if the city said no.

“The changes in the proposal came from city recommendations,” Lawton said. “Yes, it could still be approved.”

Silsbee, Nederland and Dayton are among the cities that have approved the resolution.

The council approved supporting the proposal.

The council also discussed the nominations for the Orange County Appraisal District Board of Directors.

The city council selected to give half their votes to the LC-M ISD and the other half to WO-C ISD as they have done in past years.