(Orange, Texas)

April 5, 2014

BC to take control of Community Water System

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

BRIDGE CITY — The City of Bridge City will soon be adding to its water and sewer customer base.

Councilmembers unanimously approved a motion to accept ownership of Community Water System, which is currently owned by Melvin Block and is located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Bridge City.

“Mr. Block is just wanting to get out of the water business and the city already provides the water to Community Water System, so it just makes sense for us to take it over,” said Jerry Jones, city manager of Bridge City.

Community Water System is a small neighborhood water company which provides water to approximately 40 houses located on Spooner, Nelson and Willoughby Streets.

“The water system there is relatively solid as it is,” Jones said. “We would have to do some improvements over the next couple of years though before it becomes a problem down the road. It would also allow us to get a better system in place if the city ever wanted to annex that area.”

Jones the Community Water System is an older system with older, traditional style water meters. Jones said the City of Bridge City had to assist Block’s company several years ago when the system failed and helped supply water to its customers until the system was restored.

Jones said no immediate changes will be made upon current customers and they will be informed with an appropriate amount of time if any changes are to be made to current services.

One change will need to occur in the future is the installation of the newer style water meters currently being used by the City of Bridge City. These meters send data to City Hall and are read there instead of a service person going to each meter location for an on-site reading.

“These are definitely older meters and they may not be registering accurately anyway,” Jones said. “So this is something we will need to consider, but none of this is something that will happen overnight.”