(Orange, Texas)

March 26, 2014

Speaking against Confederate History and Heritage Month

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Leslie Barras, attorney and a great-great granddaughter of a Confederate veteran, asked Orange County Commissioners Court, during citizen comments, to reconsider proclaiming this April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in Orange County.

“It is hurtful and offensive,” Barras said. “I ask that you consider not adopting the proclamation this year.”

Barras also said that it is her understanding that the request has yet to be made for this year.

“May I suggest considering a public hearing for the proclamation to give you [Commissioners] a chance to make an informed decision?” Barras said. “It will give you an opportunity to hear what citizens of Orange County, as a whole, think.”

Barras also suggested reconsidering the proclamation and suggested proclaiming April as Southern History and Heritage Month. Barras offered to draft a proclamation as such.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, in the past, have made an annual request to Orange County Commissioners Court to proclaim the month of April as Confederate History and Heritage Month.

The proclamation was not challenged until a permit was issued January 16, 2013 by the City of Orange for the Confederate Memorial of the Wind, which will display 26 Confederate flags visible form the Interstate, under construction at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

Texas Open Meetings Act does not allow the council to respond to items not on the agenda.