(Orange, Texas)

January 24, 2013

Orange Council discusses topics from litter to elections

Mike Louviere
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — David Derosier of the Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB) organization informed the Orange City Council Tuesday about the most recent project of KOCB.

There are posters available that urge citizens to keep the county beautiful andhe KOCB group is hoping that 50 businesses will purchase and display these posters to remind citizens to not litter and to keep the county clean. Derosier also explained there is a way to report littering through KOCB’s website.

If a person sees littering from a vehicle on a roadway, the person who sees the littering can go to and click on the “Litter” button. Information can be entered about the incident, including the license plate number of the offender. The information then goes to TXDOT and be recorded. The offender will then receive in the mail a litter bag and a letter asking them not to litter in the future as a reminder that others are watching them.

Business moved along with the council discussing polling places for the upcoming elections in May 2013. Single Member Districts 2 and 4 and At Large Member Position 5 will be on the ballot this year. The council passed a resolution to begin the processes of determining the date, hours, locations and all other matters dealing with the city elections. They also passed the necessary resolutions to enter into the joint election agreements with the City of Pinehurst, West Orange-Cove CISD and Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD, and the Orange County Elections Administrator.

Early voting dates will be April 29 through May 7, 2013. Election Day will be May 11, 2013.

Deputy Fire Chief Jerry Ziller recommended that the agreement between the city and Acadian Ambulance Service be extended three years. Acadian provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance services within the City of Orange and also for other entities in Orange County. At this time there is no expectation of an increase in fees. Acadian has the right to increase fees if the Consumer Price Index indicates a rise that would cause them to consider a fee increase.

Gail English, the city Finance Officer reported that the city’s investment policy had undergone the annual review and that there is no recommendation to make any changes in the policy. English presented the Quarterly Investment Report for the period ending December 31, 2012 and it was accepted by the council.

The city periodically reviews the fuel costs for the services of Waste Management, the city’s contractor for waste and refuse removal. English reported that the current cost is $3.83 per gallon with a 3% surcharge. Unless there is a 4% surcharge there is no rate increase, so the rates will remain at the current levels.

Mayor Jimmy Sims called for an adjournment so the council could go into a closed session to discuss three items.

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