(Orange, Texas)

February 9, 2013

Kid Rock commands fans, rocks Ford Arena

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader


Thursday's concert at Ford Arena was just a music show, it was pure entertainment.

Detroit, Mich. native Kid Rock rolled in Southeast Texas on Thursday for a concert at Ford Arena in Beaumont and laid waste to the facility with a spectacular 100-plus minute music marathon.

All the hits were here such as "Cowboy," "Rock and Roll Jesus," "Picture," "Only God Knows Why," "Feel Like Makin' Love," and the definitive show closer, "Bawitdaba." His performance featured the always precise and entertaining Twisted Brown Trucker band which has served as Kid Rock's group since 1994.

Kid Rock's sound has something to offer everyone and it was evident at Thursday's concert as Ford Arena was at near capacity with only a scattering of empty seats visible through the complex. A large stage, brilliant lights, pyrotechnics and laser lights only added to the music mix of hard rock, rap, country and blues which appeals well to the masses of Southeast Texas.

Besides the spectacle of the event, Kid Rock knows what it takes to be an intriguing frontman and held the audience in the palm of his hands all night long as he commanded the stage and the arena like the veteran he is. The highlight of the night was when Kid Rock performed a song for a fan and allowed her to sit on a bar stool right beside him and he looked her in the eyes and sang. Once the song was he complete, he handed her the acoustic guitar as a gift, which only added to the woman's already memorable night.

Buckcherry served as main support and performed an energetic, yet brief 45 minute showcase of hits such as "Lit Up," "Sorry," "Crazy Bitch," "Too Drunk...," "All Night Long," and a new track from the group's forthcoming release, "Confessions," which, according to vocalist Josh Todd, will be released in April.

The band wasted little time in idle chatter, preferring to let the music speak for the group instead and it was well received by the Beaumont faithful. Buckcherry has performed in Beaumont twice before and fans were up on their feet, dancing in their seats with hands pumping. A very good performance from a solid touring act.

Opening the show was Hellbound Glory from Reno, Nev. This five-piece outfit, featuring frontman and guitarist Leroy Virgil, blends country music with a variety of elements to make a style of music best described by Virgil himself as "Americana" that found favor with the early arrivals. Look for big things from this group as it looks to complete work on its fourth record this year.