(Orange, Texas)

January 17, 2013

Entertainment week of Jan. 17 - Jan. 23, 2012

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

BEAUMONT — Fair weather will surely lend itself to people looking to escape being confined at home this weekend, so, after spending the day out and about, why not head out to one of the many fine entertainment establishments across the area for some music, laughter and good times.

L’Auberge du Lac

Friday, Englebert Humperdinck, $50-$60. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Cotton’s Cay

Thursday, karaoke. Friday, Drivin’ Dixie, $5. Saturday, karaoke. Tuesday, karaoke. Ages 18 and older. 409-886-9042. (Orange)


Friday - Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-883-8175. (Orange)

Orange VFW Hall

Thursday, Creole Cookin’. Ages 21 and older. 409-886-9738 (Orange)

Bayou Club

Thursday - Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-882-9299. (Orange)

Big Nasty’s

Friday, Open Mic with Three Legged Dawg. Saturday, The Southern Boys, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-697-3053. (Bridge City)

Benoit’s Louis Hall

Friday, Jerry Nichols and Texas Thunder, $10. Ages 21 and older. 409-769-3321 (Vidor)

Vidor VFW

Saturday, karaoke. Ages 21 and older. 409-768-1482 (Vidor)


Thursday, Jamie Talbert and Tim Burge, free. Saturday, JAG. Tuesday, El Floppy Tacos, free. Wednesday, karaoke, free. 409-924-9777. (Beaumont)


Thursday, Alex Rozell, free. 409-861-2500 (Beaumont)

Logon Cafe

Friday, The Rick Show. Saturday, The Greers, Jerry Mullin, Barbara Hickey, Dick LeMasters. Monday, Night and Day Orchestra, $10. Tuesday, karaoke. (Beaumont)


Friday, For Sale, free. Saturday, Sam Silva, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-6066. (Beaumont)

Mackenzie’s Pub

Thursday, B.B. and Company, $7. Saturday, High Street, $7. Tuesday, Ed Dix and Friends, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2288. (Beaumont)


Friday, Six String Mafia. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2100 (Beaumont)

Major League Grill

Saturday, Six String Mafia. Wednesday, Ryan Carroll and Kris Harper. 409-898-7500 (Beaumont)


Friday, DJ Local. Saturday, Jamie Talbert and Tim Burge. Wednesday, Blake Sticker. 409-347-8139 (Beaumont)

Starvin’ Marvin’s

Thursday, Backseat Molly. Friday, Chris Latiolais. Saturday, The House Rockers. Tuesday, open mic jam, free. Wednesday, David Joel Band. Call 409-347-0058 for info. (Beaumont)

New York Pizza & Pasta

Saturday, Wayne Cook. All ages. 409-892-6535 (Beaumont - Calder Ave.)

New York Pizza and Pasta

Thursday, Rod Rishard. All ages 409-832-7032 (Beaumont-downtown)

Tradewinds Tavern

Thursday, Kris Harper. Tuesday, Alex Rozell. Wednesday, Jimmy Kaiser. Ages 21 and older. 409-842-3600 (Beaumont)

The Gig

Friday, Ashes of a Martyr, Kleos, Eviscerate the Proletariat, The Kingdom Mafia. Saturday, “Laugh Out Loud” featuring Ward Anderson, $10 (8 p.m. and 10 p.m.). Wednesday, open mic night. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)

Club Heat

Thursday, Illusion Five, free. Ages 21 and older. (Beaumont)

Texas Rose Saloon

Monday, Dear Rabbit, Greg Jr., We Are Wombat. Ages 21 and older. 409-833-3900 (Beaumont)


Friday, Jack Flash. Saturday, Stephen Richard. Sunday, Wayne Cook. (Beaumont)

Beaux Jangles

Saturday, David Joel (1 p.m. - 4 p.m.) Ages 21 and older. 409-842-4983 (Beaumont)

Okee Dokee’s

Thursday, Lee Pelly. Friday, David Joel and Marcus Breaux, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-861-2998 (Beaumont)

The Thirsty Rose

Friday, Ramzie Redd and 20/20. Ages 21 and older. 409-246-4669 (Silsbee)

Honky Tonk Texas

Saturday, Bronco Jr. and Old Trick. Ages 21 and older. (Silsbee)


Friday, Epic. Saturday, Justin Judalet Band. Tuesday, Lee Pelly. Wednesday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-1600. (Port Arthur)

The Place

Saturday, Dickie and the Tornadoes, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-736-2650. (Port Acres)

Jake’s Place

Saturday, Joe Mendoza and the Shuffle Kings, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-721-5852. (Nederland)

King’s Cue Stick

Friday, Chaos featuring Tony Faulk. 409-722-8899 (Port Arthur)

Uncle Bill’s

Friday, Twisted Issues. Saturday, Three. Wednesday, karaoke. Ages 18 and older. 409-853-1673 (Nederland)

The Embers Club

Friday, karaoke. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-2121 (Nederland)


Thursday, open mic night. Saturday, Jimmy Kaiser. Ages 21 and older. 409-237-5078 (Nederland)

Rancho Grande

Monday, JAG, free. 409-729-9105 (Port Arthur)

The Boudain Hut

Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Phillip Glyn and Daze. Friday-Saturday, Creole Cookin’. Tuesday, karaoke. 409-962-5079. (Port Arthur)

La Cantina

Thursday, David Joel and Alastair White, free. 409-727-0404 (Port Arthur).

Capri Club

Thursday- Friday, Lucky Star Karaoke. Saturday, Sgt. Doobie and the Good Time Revolution, $5. Ages 21 and older. 409-724-1030 (Port Arthur)

Larry’s French Market

Thursday, Scott McGill. Friday, Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins. Saturday, Ken Marvel Band with Jivin’ Gene. 409-962-3381. (Groves)

Good Times

Thursday, Jimmy Kaiser and Caylan Daughrity. Ages 21 and older. 409-962-9858 (Port Arthur)


Saturday, karaoke. Ages 21 and older. 409-794-3010 (Fannett)

Nutty Jerry’s

Saturday, Travis Matte and the Kingpins, $15. All ages. (Winnie)

Double H Bar and Grill

Friday, John Thibodeaux Band. Saturday, DJ James. Sunday,Herbie Stutes and Grand Shin. Ages 21 and older. 409-296-2522. (Winnie)


Friday, Old Trick, free. Saturday, karaoke, free. 409-296-9818 (Winnie)

Gator Lounge

Friday - Saturday, BB and Company, free. Ages 21 and older. (Vinton, La.)

Texas Longhorn

Friday, Blacktop Outlaw. Ages 18 and older. 337-589-5647 (Vinton, La.)

Lucky Longhorn Casino

Saturday, Dadry Dockery. Ages 21 and older. (Vinton, La.)

Lucky Delta Casino

Saturday, Rod Rishard. Ages 21 and older. 337-589-3100 (Vinton, La.)

Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Thursday - Saturday, Rusty Yates. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Caribbean Cove

Thursday, The Posse. Friday, Phillip Glyn and Southern Daze. Saturday, The (Re)Union. Wednesday, Cold Sweat. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Otis and Henry’s

Thursday, Brian Moore. Friday, Wayne Dylan. (Lake Charles, La.)

Wayne and Layne’s

Sunday, Ellis Vanicor and the Lacassine Playboys, $5. Ages 21 and older. 337-558-6029 (Carlyss, La.)


Friday, Wayne Toups and ZydeCajun. Saturday, Geno Delafose and French Rockin’ Boogie. Sunday, TK Hulin and Smoke, Steve Adams, GG Shinn. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Huddle Up Sports Bar

Thursday, karaoke. Friday, Kenzie Newman. Saturday, David Joel. Wednesday, Jason Stutes. 337-656-2905 (Lake Charles, La.)

Luna Live

Friday, Even Flow (Pearl Jam tribute band). Saturday, Lingus. Wednesday, Black Pistol Fire. 337-433-4388 (Lake Charles, La.)


Friday, Lingus, When the Word Was Sound, My Lover the Ghost, The Lochness Mobsters, AF The Naysayer, Tim Norris, Brian Moore, Paul Gonsoulin. Saturday, Sinners, The Von Dukes. (Lake Charles, La.)

Cigar Club

Friday, Kris Harper. Saturday, Second Nature. Wednesday, Brian Racca. Ages 21 and older. 337-562-8889 (Lake Charles, La.)

Stellar Beans

Friday, Rhode. Saturday, Bob Hebert and the Kerouac Projects. 337-564-5739 (Lake Charles, La.)

Send all entertainment listings to or call 409-721-2819