(Orange, Texas)

March 2, 2013

Crockett Street to get ‘Zany’ next week

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

BEAUMONT — A man with a penchant for laughter in the morning is making his first comedic appearance in Southeast Texas.

Comedian Bob Zany, better known as one-half of the radio comedy duo from The Bob and Tom Show, will perform at 8 p.m., Thursday, March 7, and then at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9, at The Gig, located on Crockett Street in downtown Beaumont. Tickets are $15 at

Zany began his career in radio in the 1980s as a DJ at a rock station in Los Angeles, but he eventually found his way into comedy radio which had always been a passion.

“I’ve been doing comedy since I was 15-years-old,” Zany said in a telephone interview. “I was the senior class clown, so, yeah, you could say comedy was in my blood.

“I dropped out of junior college, so (comedy) is it for me,” he added with a laugh. “I could be wrong, but I think this is my career. If it isn’t, then I’m not sure what else there is for me.”

Zany said he takes to the road for live comedy performances as often as possible, nearly every week in many cases.

“I love being able to go out and perform at different venues around the country,” he explained. “I get to be right there with the people who listen to The Bob and Tom Radio Show and that’s always great.”

Being a successful comedian may be an art, but Zany said you only have to look around you to find humor every day.

“I make my act from experiences that happen in real life every day,” he said. “Like reading a story in the newspaper or when you hear things, they become part of the act. It may take me a day or two to find something funny about, it but I usually will and people can relate to it.”

Despite what many people belive, Zany said comedy is still comedy whether you are performing in front of a live crowd or on nationally syndicated radio.

It’s definitely different. Radio is a much different animal because of the way you have to present the joke,” Zany continued. “With a live audience, the joke has to be immediate, so it’s presented in a different way.”

Zany is a busy man. Along with his radio show and live appearance schedule, he also has found time to create a weekly podcast with Zan Aufderheide. Now, while you are waiting for Zan and Zany to come to your town to perform live, you can pretend they are right there in your living room or riding around in your car with you, according to Zany’s official website.

The podcast debuted in mid-February on the Sideshow Network, and, in this first episode, Bob and Zan sat down with the one and only Carrot Top in his secret warehouse where he keeps all of his props. The second episode features Nia Peeples of The Young and the Restless and Pretty Little Liars. Visit for more on this hilarious program.

For more information on Zany, his podcast, his touring schedule, and his upcoming DVD, “Close but No Cigar,” visit