(Orange, Texas)

January 3, 2013

Entertainment week of Jan. 3 - Jan. 9, 2013

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

BEAUMONT — The new year has arrived and it all begins with a fabulous weekend of music, comedy and famous actors converging on the area. See below for what's happening near you.

Cotton’s Cay

Thursday, karaoke. Friday, Three Legged Dawg, $5. Saturday, karaoke. Tuesday, karaoke. Ages 18 and older. 409-886-9042. (Orange)


Friday - Saturday, karaoke. Ages 21 and older. 409-883-8175. (Orange)

Luther Theater

Monday, William Shatner, $40-$70. All ages. (Orange)

Orange VFW Hall

Thursday, Creole Cookin’. Ages 21 and older. 409-886-9738 (Orange)

Bayou Club

Thursday - Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-882-9299. (Orange)

Big Nasty’s

Saturday, Scott McGill and Old Dog Mac, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-697-3053. (Bridge City)

Benoit’s Louis Hall

Friday, Jerry Nichols and Texas Thunder, $10. Ages 21 and older. 409-769-3321 (Vidor)

Vidor VFW

Saturday, karaoke. Ages 21 and older. 409-768-1482 (Vidor)


Saturday, The Ramblin’ Boys, Valley View. Tuesday, El Floppy Tacos, free. Wednesday, karaoke, free. 409-924-9777. (Beaumont)

Logon Cafe

Friday, Ward, Bowen and Steinman, $5. Saturday, The Draw, $5. Tuesday, karaoke. Wednesday, open mic night, free. (Beaumont)


Friday, The Kaiser Brothers, free. Saturday, Jacob and Chris, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-6066. (Beaumont)

Mackenzie’s Pub

Thursday, B.B. and Company, $7. Tuesday, Ed Dix and Friends, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2288. (Beaumont)

Major League Grill

Saturday, Justin Judalet. 409-898-7500 (Beaumont)


Thursday, Jimmy Kaiser. Friday, Lee Pelly, DJ Local. Saturday, Mixx Fixxer. Wednesday, Blake Sticker. Ages 21 and older. 409-347-8139 (Beaumont)

Starvin’ Marvin’s

Thursday, Old Trick, free. Friday, Crossroads, free. Saturday, The Rock Agents, free. Tuesday, open mic jam, free. Wednesday, Phillip Glyn and Southern Daze, free. Call 409-347-0058 for info. (Beaumont)

The Gig

Friday, Hell or Highwater, Brompton, Engine 69, $5. Saturday, “Laugh Out Loud” featuring Tom Hester, Pokey Simmons, $10. (8p.m. and 10 p.m.) Wednesday, open mic night, free. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)

Tequila Rok

Saturday, Dylan James Meaux, A-Rod, DJ Cole, Whirl. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)

Texas Rose Saloon

Thursday, Hello Chief, Parquet Courts, Native America. Ages 21 and older. 409-833-3900 (Beaumont)

Jefferson Theatre

Saturday, “Benefit concert for the Poor” featuring Stephanie Reese, Jennifer Manuel (4 p.m.). All ages. 409-409-722-6748 or 409-727-7153 for tickets. (Beaumont)

Victoria House

Friday, The Escatones, Hitchhikers. 409-833-9015 (Beaumont)

Beaux Jangles

Friday, Trevor Batson, Ryan Gist, Wes Hardin, Silas Feemster, Johnny Jailbird. Ages 21 and older. 409-842-4983 (Beaumont)

Okee Dokee’s

Sunday, Six String Mafia, The Ramblin’ Boys, Blake Sticker, Silas Feemster, more. Ages 21 and older. 409-861-2998 (Beaumont)


Friday, Larry Tillery Band. Saturday, The Reprise. Tuesday, Alex Rozell. Wednesday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-1600. (Port Arthur)

Tropical Grill

Friday, Wayne Dylan. Saturday, karaoke. 409-727-1002 (Port Arthur)

Jake’s Place

Saturday, Larry Tillery Band, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-721-5852. (Nederland)

Mr. Giggles

Friday, DJ Huggs. Saturday, karaoke. Ages 18 and older. 409-960-6395 (Port Arthur)

King’s Cue Stick

Thursday, DJ TOD3. 409-722-8899 (Port Arthur)

Uncle Bill’s

Wednesday, karaoke. Ages 18 and older. 409-853-1673 (Nederland)


Thursday, open mic night. Ages 21 and older. 409-237-5078 (Nederland)

Rancho Grande

Monday, JAG, free. 409-729-9105 (Port Arthur)

The Boudain Hut

Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Phillip Glyn and Daze. Friday-Saturday, Creole Cookin’. Tuesday, karaoke. 409-962-5079. (Port Arthur)

La Cantina

Thursday, Skeeter Jones, free. 409-727-0404 (Port Arthur).

Capri Club

Thursday- Friday, Lucky Star Karaoke. Saturday, The Alley Kats, $5. Ages 21 and older. 409-724-1030 (Port Arthur)

The Embers Club

Friday, Dickie and the Tornadoes. 409-722-2121 (Nederland)

Double H Bar and Grill

Friday, Old Trick. Saturday, DJ James. Sunday, Jesse and Company. Ages 21 and older. 409-296-2522. (Winnie)


Friday - Saturday, karaoke, free. 409-296-2981 (Winnie)

Gator Lounge

Friday - Saturday, Louisiana Express, free. Ages 21 and older. (Vinton, La.)

Texas Longhorn

Friday, Chad Richard. Ages 18 and older. 337-589-5647 (Vinton, La.)

Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Thursday - Saturday, John Autin. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Caribbean Cove

Thursday, David Joel, free. Friday, Prophets and Outlaws, free. Saturday, Bernie Allan Band, free. Wednesday, City Heat. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Otis and Henry’s

Thursday, Mickey Smith. Friday, Ars Nova. (Lake Charles, La.)

Wayne and Layne’s

Sunday, Ellis Vanicor and the Lacassine Playboys, $5. Ages 21 and older. 337-558-6029 (Carlyss, La.)


Friday, Todd O’Neill Band. Saturday, Twangster’s Union. Sunday, Ken Marvel Band with Jivin’ Gene. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Luna Live

Saturday, Large Marge, Black Feratu, Cheater Pipe. 337-433-4388 (Lake Charles, La.)

Miccis Piano Bar

Friday, John Guidroz. 337-478-0606 (Lake Charles, La.)

Happie Hippy Pizza

Friday, Regrets of 27, With or Without. Gods Forgotten, Warmont. 337-421-1717 (Lake Charles, La.)

Cigar Club

Friday, Alien Tramp. Saturday, Brian Moore, free. Wednesday, Kory Fontenot, free. Ages 21 and older. 337-562-8889 (Lake Charles, La.)

Send all entertainment listings to or call 409-721-2819