(Orange, Texas)

April 11, 2013

Entertainment for the week of April 11 - April 17, 2013

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — There’s more music on tap this week than you can possibly handle, but that’s a good problem to have if you enjoy live music. Find a show that’s right for you and have fun. Visit for information on bands and venues.

April 11

Creole Cookin’ @ Orange VFW Hall

BB and Company @ Mackenzie’s Pub

Dickie and the Tornadoes @ Starvin’ Marvin’s

John Cessac @ Tradewinds Tavern

David Joel and Alastair White @ La Cantina - Port Arthur

Jimmy Kaiser and Ryan Carroll @ Major League Grill

Jamie Talbert @ Madison’s

Six String Mafia @ Good Times

Chad Richard and Michael Rector @ Tibideaux’s

Phillip Glyn and Southern Daze @ Caribbean Cove

John Guidroz and Kevin Lambert @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Deuce Jacko @ Otis and Henry’s

Bronco Jr. @ Okee Dokee’s

Brad Brinkley and Comfort Zone @ Miccis Piano Bar

Scott Desomoreaux @ Cafe Del Rio

Thomas Cokinos @ Luke’s

Chris Latiolais and Good Ole Boys @ Larry’s French Market

JAG @ Tropical Grill

Silas Feemster, Sun and Shadow, Barelands @ Logon Cafe

April 12

Jimmy Kaiser @ Jack Daniels Bar and Grill

Jamie Talbert and the Band of Demons @ Honky Tonk Texas

Mixx Fixxer @ The Gig

Thee Andys, We Are Wombat, The Bonnies, The Marvelous Wonderfuls, Hithchikers @ Dharma

3 Way Switch @ Thirsty’s

Leaving Sundown @ Doug’s Bar and Grill

Steel Shot @ Gator Lounge

Alternate Route @ Logon Cafe

Moe Haynes Band @ Starvin’ Marvin’s

Justin Judalet Band @ Pacesetter

JAG @ Dylan’s

Redbone Cookin’s @ Cotton’s Cay

Carl Richardson @ Tibideaux’s

Paul Gonsoulin @ Otis and Henry’s

T-Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers @ Caribbean Cove

John Guidroz and Kevin Lambert @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar

David Lee Kaiser @ Okee Dokee’s

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys @ Yesterday’s

David Joel Band @ Double H Bar and Grill

Flava @ Cafe Del Rio

Bronco Jr. @ Luke’s

Greg "Spanky" Baldwin @ Cigar Club

Kay Miller @ Suga’s Deep South

Bryan Fontenot @ Jacky’s Western Bar

Eazy @ Larry’s French Market

3CG @ Mackenzie’s Pub

Center Stage @ Tropical Grill

April 13

Travis Tritt, Shooter Jennings and The Triple Crown @ Nutty Jerry’s

Wayne Toups and ZydeCajun @ Delta Downs Event Center

Ashes of a Martyr, Neil to Aldrin, Etyma, Avaris, Hear N Ade, Behelit, Skanky Dave, Social Bomb, Eviscerate the Proletariat, The Kingdom Mafia @ Tequila Rok

Revelation @ Orange Trade Days

Dickie and the Tornadoes @ The Place

Chaos featuring Tony Faulk @ Big Nasty’s

The HFA’s @ Okee Dokee’s

Old Trick @ Lucky Longhorn Casino

Wayne Cook @ New York Pizza and Pasta (Beaumont-downtown)

The Alley Kats @ Thirsty’s

Leaving Sundown @ Doug’s Bar and Grill

Steel Shot @ Gator Lounge

Three Legged Dawg @ Eagles Lodge

Roy Mannino Band @ Starvin’ MArvin’s

Vegas Stars @ Dylan’s

Illusion Five @ Club 87

Skeeter Jones @ Major League Grill

JAG @ Madison’s

Alex Rozell @ Beau Reve

Kris Harper @ Tibideaux’s

John Guidroz and Kevin Lambert @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Derryl Perry @ Caribbean Cove

Twangster’s Union @ Yesterday’s

Wayne Dylan @ Miccis Piano Bar

Center Stage @ Cafe Del Rio

Longtooth @ Tammy’s

Bayou City Rollers @ Jake’s Place

Lee Pelly @ Luke’s

Paul Gonsoulin @ Cigar Club

Earl Collins @ Suga’s Deep South

Larry Tillery Band @ Capri Club

Gregg Martinez and the Delta Kings @ Larry’s French Market

Crossroads @ Mackenzie’s Pub

Ray Solis and Spectrum @ Tropical Grill

April 14

Herbie Stutes and Grand Shin @ Pine Tree Lodge

Warren Storm, Willie Tee and Cypress @ Yesterday’s

Ronnie Stallworth @ Suga’s Deep South

April 15

Night and Day Orchestra @ Logon Cafe

April 16

El Floppy Tacos @ Madison’s

Ed Dix and Friends @ Mackenzie’s Pub

Lee Pelly @ Dylan’s

Alex Rozell @ Tradewinds Tavern

April 17

Jamie Talbert and the Band of Demons @ Starvin Marvin’s

Jimmy Kaiser @ Tradewinds Tavern

Alex Rozell @ Luke’s

Marty Monte Band @ Caribbean Cove

Kris Harper @ Miccis Piano Bar

Blake Sticker @ Cafe Del Rio

Ryan Bunch @ Cigar Club

Fix Bayonets, The People’s Temple, Delicious Fuzz @ Texas Rose Saloon