(Orange, Texas)

April 16, 2014

Entertainment for the week of April 16 - April 22, 2014

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

LAKE CHARLES, La. — April is in full swing, and that means there is plenty of great live music to be found area at area music venues and restaurants and festivals. Visit for information on artists and venues.

Wednesday, April 16

Kory Fontenot at Luna Live

Kris Harper at Micci’s

Twangster’s Union at The River

Tom Brandow and Mitch Viator at Darrell’s Poboys

William Christian at Cigar Club

Brad Brinkley and Comfort Zone at Caribbean Cove

Jimmy Kaiser at Tradewind Tavern

Caylan Daughrity at Luke’s

David Joel at The Bayou Cafe 2

Curtis and Company at Cafe Del Rio

Thursday, April 17

Stoney LaRue, American Sons at The River

David Joel at La Cantina - Port Arthur

BB and Company at Mackenzie’s Pub

Rod Rishard at Larry’s French Market

Orphan Annie at Caribbean Cove

David Lee Kaiser at Tradewinds Tavern

Phillip Glyn Band at Good Times

Ryan Carroll at Luke’s

Yogi Baird and the Pie Fiddler at Cafe Del Rio

Casey Chesnutt at The Grill

Bronco Jr. at Okee Dokee’s

Friday, April 18

The Alley Kats at Thirsty’s

JJ Callier and the Zydeco Knockouts at Gator Lounge

Jonathon “Boogie” Long at Luna Live

The Possum Posse at Dylan’s

The B List at Madison’s

Kay Miller at Suga’s Deep South

Katelyn Johnson Band at Sidelinez Sports Bar

Calliope Musicals, UnU, The Killawatts at Texas Rose Saloon

Scott McGill Band at Pacesetter’s Lounge

The Cadillacs at Jefferson County Singles Club

Old Trick at Cotton’s Cay

Logan Soileau Band at Cigar Club

Ken Marvel and Swamp Rock at Larry’s French Market

King of the Coast at The Center Stage

Dog Hill Stompers at Caribbean Cove

Casey Chesnutt at Beau Reve

Texas Thunder at Benoit’s Louis Hall

Southwind at Double H Bar and Grill

Flava at Luke’s

Wheelhouse at Cafe Del Rio

BB and Company at Mackenzie’s Pub

Delicious Fuzz, Prince Albert in a Can of Whoop Ass, Raw Hunny, Channel 8 at The Gig

Damon Troy and Final Five at Yesterday’s Jamie Bergeron and Kickin Cajuns at Mudbug’s Pub and Club

Katelyn Johnson Band at Sidelines Bar

Chaos feat. Tony Faulk at King’s Cue Stick

Tom Brandow and Mitch Viator at Loggerhead’s

Saturday, April 19

Trevor Batson and Ryan Gist at Thirsty’s

Dog Hill Stompers at Gator Lounge

The Dubonauts at Luna Live

Lee Sonnier at Luna Bar and Grill

David Joel Band at Dylan’s

Earl Collins at Suga’s Deep South

My Beautiful Disaster at Squeeze’s

Hayes Carll, John Evans Band, Lee Pelly at Stingaree

Scott McGill Band at Pacesetter’s Lounge

Chaos feat. Tony Faulk at Jake’s Place

Ryan Bunch at Cigar Club

Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins at Larry’s French Market

Dexter Lee and the Prophets at The Center Stage

Stark Experiment at Caribbean Cove

Will Wesley at Otis and Henry’s

Flava at Madison’s

Aaron Williams at Beau Reve

Jimmy Kaiser at The Grill

Shane and Morgan at Luke’s

Ropin’ Texas at Cafe Del Rio

Uhnayus, The Southern Boys at Mudbug’s Pub and Club

Eazy at Mackenzie’s Pub

Geno Delafose and French Rockin’ Boogie at Yesterday’s

The Scheme with Norma Hopson at Micci’s Piano Bar

Sunday, April 20

Ronnie Stallworth at Suga’s Deep South

Scott McGill Band at Stingaree

Herbie Stutes and Grand Shin at Jefferson County Singles Club

Will Wesley at Otis and Henry’s

Sons of Hot Damn at Luke’s

Monday, April 21

Night and Day Orchestra at The Logon Cafe

Tuesday, April 22

Alex Rozell at Dylan’s

Casey Chesnutt at Tradewind Tavern

Pub Jazz Nite Trio at Mackenzie’s Pub