(Orange, Texas)

December 13, 2012

Entertainment week of Dec. 13 - Dec. 19, 2012

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The holiday season is in full swing and what better way to enjoy than with any one of the great events on tap this week across Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

Luther Theater

Saturday, Shoji Tabuchi, $20-$45. All ages. (Orange)

Nutty Jerry’s

Friday, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, $30-$55. All ages. (Winnie)

The Gig

Thursday, Hurt, Smile Empty Soul, Black Oxygen, $17. Friday, The Scheme, Six String Mafia, Silas Feemster. Saturday, Hip Hop Hooray. Ages 18 and older. Sunday, Neil to Aldrin, Eviscerate the Proletariat, Brompton, Lee Pelly and Bill Bloss, $5-$7. All ages Sunday! (Beaumont)

Cotton’s Cay

Thursday, karaoke. Friday, Redbone Cookin’, $5. Saturday, karaoke. Tuesday, karaoke. Ages 18 and older. 409-886-9042. (Orange)


Friday - Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-883-8175. (Orange)

La Cantina - Orange

Thursday, David Joel and Alastair White, free. 409-670-9830 (Orange)


Friday - Saturday, Yuletide 2, $20. All ages. 409-882-9137 (Orange)

Orange VFW Hall

Thursday, “Company.” Ages 21 and older. 409-886-9738 (Orange)

Bayou Club

Thursday - Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-882-9299. (Orange)

Big Nasty’s

Friday, Open mic with Three Legged Dawg. Saturday, Rockin’ Horse, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-697-3053. (Bridge City)

Benoit’s Louis Hall

Friday, Jerry Nichols and Texas Thunder, $10. Ages 21 and older. 409-769-3321 (Vidor)


Saturday, Hamilton Loomis. Tuesday, El Floppy Tacos, free. Wednesday, karaoke, free. 409-924-9777. (Beaumont)


Thursday, Alex Rozell, free. Friday, Michael Rector and Ted Mitchell. Saturday, Jimmy Kaiser. 409-861-2500 (Beaumont)

Logon Cafe

Thursday, The Rick Show. Friday, Music By the Greers. Monday, Night and Day Orchestra. Tuesday, karaoke. (Beaumont)


Friday, The Kaiser Brothers, free. Saturday, Blake Sticker, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-6066. (Beaumont)

Mackenzie’s Pub

Thursday, B.B. and Company, $7. Tuesday, Ed Dix and Friends, free. Friday, Mark Solis Band, $7. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2288. (Beaumont)


Friday, Ashlynn Ivy and the Mother Ship, Trevor Batson and Ryan Gist, Valley View, $5. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2100 (Beaumont)

Major League Grill

Saturday, Six String Mafia. Wednesday, Alex Rozell. 409-898-7500 (Beaumont)


Thursday, Sammy Hundley. Friday, The Alley Kats, free. 409-347-8139 (Beaumont)

Starvin’ Marvin’s

Friday, J.D. Newbury. Saturday, WhoDunnit? Tuesday, open mic jam, free. Wednesday, Kenny Wiebusch. Call 409-347-0058 for info. (Beaumont)

Tradewinds Tavern

Thursday, John Cessac. Tuesday, Alex Rozell. Wednesday, Jimmy Kaiser. Ages 21 and older. 409-842-3600 (Beaumont)

Tequila Rok

Saturday, DJ Outbreak. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)

Texas Rose Saloon

Saturday, Jack Flash. Ages 21 and older. 409-833-3900 (Beaumont)

Julie Rogers Theatre

Sunday, Symphony of Southeast Texas “Home for the Holidays,” $10-$20. All ages. Call 409-838-3435, Ext. 1 (Beaumont)


Friday, Jack Flash. Saturday, Earl Collins. Sunday, Kay Miller. (Beaumont)

Beaux Jangles

Tuesday, Beaux Jangles. Ages 21 and older. 409-842-4983 (Beaumont)

The Thirsty Rose

Friday, Ramzie Redd and 20/20. Ages 21 and older. 409-246-4669 (Silsbee)

Honky Tonk Texas

Friday, Old Trick. Saturday, Wayne Toups and ZydeCajun. Ages 21 and older. (Silsbee)


Friday, Stereo Maze. Saturday, Champagne Room. Tuesday, Lee Pelly. Wednesday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-1600. (Port Arthur)

The Place

Saturday, The Alley Kats, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-736-2650. (Port Acres)

Jake’s Place

Saturday, Joe Mendoza and the Shuffle Kings, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-721-5852. (Nederland)

Mr. Giggles

Saturday, karaoke. 409-960-6395 (Port Arthur)

King’s Cue Stick

Friday, Chaos featuring Tony Faulk. Saturday, 70 Times 7, Prophet Within, Higher Domain, $5 or new toy. Ages 18 and older. 409-722-8899 (Port Arthur)

Uncle Bill’s

Saturday, Illusion Five, Simple Design. Ages 18 and older. Wednesday, karaoke. 409-853-1673 (Nederland)


Thursday, open mic night. Saturday, Chaos featuring Tony Faulk. Ages 21 and older. 409-237-5078 (Nederland)

The Shop

Thursday, Injun Joe. Sunday, The Booze Brothers. Ages 21 and older. 409-960-6449 (Port Arthur)

Rancho Grande

Monday, The Stark Experiment, free. 409-729-9105 (Port Arthur)

The Boudain Hut

Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Phillip Glyn and Daze. Friday-Saturday, Creole Cookin’. Tuesday, karaoke. 409-962-5079. (Port Arthur)

La Cantina

Thursday, Skeeter Jones, free. 409-727-0404 (Port Arthur).

Capri Club

Thursday- Friday, Lucky Star Karaoke. Saturday, Dickie and the Tornadoes, $5. Ages 21 and older. 409-724-1030 (Port Arthur)

Larry’s French Market

Thursday, Jerry Dee. Friday, Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins. Saturday, Ken Marvel Band with Jivin’ Gene. 409-962-3381. (Groves)

The Embers Club

Friday, karaoke. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-2121 (Nederland)

Double H Bar and Grill

Friday, Jonathan Mitchell Band. Sunday, Herbie Stutes and Grand Shin. Ages 21 and older. 409-296-2522. (Winnie)


Friday-Saturday, karaoke, free. 409-296-9818 (Winnie)

Gator Lounge

Friday - Saturday, Gregg Martinez and the Zydeco Flames, free. Ages 21 and older. (Vinton, La.)

Texas Longhorn

Friday, Paul Orta and the Kingpins. Ages 18 and older. 337-589-5647 (Vinton, La.)

Lucky Longhorn Casino

Friday, Blake Sticker. Saturday, Swinging Gringos. Ages 21 and older. 337-589-5647 (Vinton, La.)

Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Thursday - Saturday, David Pellerin. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Caribbean Cove

Thursday, Marty Monte Band, free. Friday, Twangsters Union, free. Saturday, Ryan Harris and Killin’ Time Band, free. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Otis and Henry’s

Thursday, Mike Dolen and Stratton Doyle. Friday, Tom Brandow. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Wayne and Layne’s

Sunday, Ellis Vanicor and the Lacassine Playboys, $5. Ages 21 and older. 337-558-6029 (Carlyss, La.)


Friday, Louisiana Fiya. Saturday, Geno Delafose and French Rockin’ Boogie. Sunday, Willie Tee and Cypress, Lynn August. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Luna Live

Thursday, La Jeder. Friday, The Floating Popes, In Liquid. Saturday, Graham Wilkinson. 337-433-4388 (Lake Charles, La.)

Nate’s Place

Saturday, live music. Ages 18 and older. 337-474-4715 (Lake Charles, La.)

Miccis Piano Bar

Saturday, Mike Benavidez Music Night. 337-478-0606 (Lake Charles, La.)

Happie Hippy Pizza

Friday, Simple Design, Gods Forgotten, Driftpin. 337-421-1717 (Lake Charles, La.)

Stellar Beans

Saturday, Hundred Dollar Habit. (Lake Charles, La.)

Cigar Club

Saturday, Tom Brandow, free. Wednesday, Michael Kittling, free. Ages 21 and older. 337-562-8889 (Lake Charles, La.)

Send all entertainment listings to or call 409-721-2819.