(Orange, Texas)

August 17, 2013

VIDEOS: L.A. rockers in Ratt still on top of game

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

LAKE CHARLES, La. — A rock band that helped define a decade of excess is headed to Southwest Louisiana this week.

The sound of the Sunset Strip in L.A. comes alive this Thursday night as the rock band Ratt will perform at the “Party by the Pool” concert series at the L’Auberge Casino and Resort in Lake Charles. Tickets are $10 in advance at all Ticketmaster outlets for ages 21 and older.

The band features its core membership and has been touring the U.S. relentlessly through the spring and summer. Ratt features original members Stephen Pearcy, vocals; Warren DeMartini, guitar; Juan Croucier, bass; and Bobby Blotzer, drums, along with guitarist Carlos Cavaza of Quiet Riot-fame who joined the band in 2007.

“We are at the top of our game,” Blotzer said in a telephone interview. “We are having an amazing time on the road and the shows have been great. We know time is ticking, and who knows how much longer we can do this, although I hope to keep rocking out until I’m 70-years-old.”

Ratt emerged from the Sunset Strip in the mid-1980s and quickly found success with its hard rock sound and MTV. The band’s first full length album, “Out of the Cellar,” was a multi-platinum smash on the strength of hit songs like “Round and Round,” “Back for More,” and “Wanted Man.”

Ratt continued to find success on rock radio and MTV throughout the decade with albums “Invasion of Your Privacy,” “Dancing Undercover,” "Reach for the Sky," and “Detonator” and hits such as “Lay It Down,” “You’re In Love,” “Dance,” “Body Talk” and “Way Cool Jr.”

The band has been touring through much of the spring and into the summer and its high energy show consists of most of these songs.

“We like playing all of those songs that people know and love,” Blotzer added. “The set has a few songs that people may not expect to here, but I would like to play a bunch of songs that we really don’t get to play as often. Warren (DeMartini) and Stephen (Pearcy) really like playing the video songs and the hits, which is what the people like hearing, so that’s what we do.”

The band is in fine form live, Blotzer said, and the fans are enjoying the shows. In fact, many fans are bringing their children to Ratt concerts and expanding the band’s fan base to a whole new generation.

“A lot of people say that and that’s great,” Blotzer said. “Music was better then, in my opinion, and I still think the ’80s are the best. It’s great to see so many faces, including the younger ones, at our concerts.”

Although the band is best known for the music of its past, Blotzer said the group is definitely looking to the future.

“The tour will be ending real soon, but we are heading to South America to play with Aerosmith in late-September and October and we may do a holiday run later this year,” Blotzer said. “But we are looking to the next album already. We are already coming up with ideas, individually, and we’ll get together soon and toss those ideas around together. Hopefully, by next May or June, we will have a new record out. It’s really been fun lately and we are looking forward to making more music and playing more shows.”

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