(Orange, Texas)

October 18, 2012

Entertainment week of Oct. 18 - Oct. 24, 2012

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

BEAUMONT — More big names continue to arrive in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana this fall for performances at a variety of great venues. See what’s happening around town this week.

Julie Rogers Theatre

Friday, Michael Grimm, $25-$35. All ages. Call 409-838-3435, Ext. 1 (Beaumont)

The Gig

Thursday, Phranchyze, Hour Band, Jon Black, Muggy  Flowz, NIP, $5. Friday, “Norteno Night” with DJ Krazy Glue, $10. Saturday, Hip Hop Hooray, $5-$10. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)


Friday, John Conlee, $12-$15. Saturday, Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Roadrunners, $7-$10. Sunday, TK Hulin and Smoke with Steve Adams, $7-$10. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Texas Longhorn

Friday, Big SMO. Ages 18 and older. 337-589-5647 (Vinton, La.)

Lutcher Theater

Thursday, “Lightwire Theater,” $4. (9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) All ages. (Orange)


Thursday - Sunday, “The Full Monty.” Ages 18 and older. $8-$15. 409-882-9137 (Orange)

Cotton’s Cay

Friday, Redbone Cookin, $5. Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 18 and older. 409-886-9042. (Orange)

La Cantina - Orange

Thursday, David Joel and Alastair White, free. 409-670-9830 (Orange)

Club 87

Friday, Karaoke with Billie Jo, free. Saturday, Three Legged Dawg. Ages 18 and older. 409-746-9699 (Orange)

Eagles Lodge

Sunday, open jam (3 p.m. - 7 p.m.) 409-886-7381 (Orange)

Bayou Club

Thursday - Saturday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-882-9299. (Orange)

Big Nasty’s

Saturday, Scott McGill and Old Dog Mac, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-697-3053. (Bridge City)

Benoit’s Louis Hall

Friday, Jerry Nichols and Texas Thunder, $10. Ages 21 and older. 409-769-3321 (Vidor)


Saturday, Justin Judalet Band. Tuesday, El Floppy Tacos, free. Wednesday, karaoke, free. 409-924-9777. (Beaumont)


Friday, Alex Rozell. Saturday, Jerry Mullin. Wednesday, David Joel. 409-861-2500 (Beaumont)

Logon Cafe

Friday, The Rick Show. Saturday, Longneck Road. Tuesday, karaoke. (Beaumont)


Friday, 3 Way Switch, free. Saturday, John Guidroz, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-6066. (Beaumont)

Mackenzie’s Pub

Thursday, B.B. and Company, $7. Saturday, Eazy, $7. Tuesday, Ed Dix and Friends, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2288. (Beaumont)


Friday, Simple Design, Lee Pelly, $5. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-2100 (Beaumont)

Major League Grill

Saturday, Blake Sticker and Kris Harper. Wednesday, Six String Mafia. 409-898-7500 (Beaumont)

Cafe del Rio

Friday, Time Travel. Saturday, Center Stage. Wednesday, Blake Sticker. All ages. 409-347-1644 (Beaumont)


Thursday, Lee Pelly. Wednesday, Bronco Jr. 409-347-8139 (Beaumont)

Starvin’ Marvin’s

Friday, John Thibodeaux Band. Saturday, Still Cruisin'. Tuesday, open mic jam, free. Wednesday, Port Arthur Playboys. Call 409-347-0058 for info. (Beaumont)

The Grill

Thursday, Scott McGill. Friday, David Joel. 409-866-0039 (Beaumont)

Tradewinds Tavern

Thursday, John Cessac. Tuesday, Alex Rozell. Wednesday, Jimmy Kaiser. Ages 21 and older. 409-842-3600 (Beaumont)

Ford Park

Friday, Joe Nichols, Craig Morgan, Longneck Road, Classics Revisited. All ages. (Beaumont)

Tequila Rok

Friday, Eviscerate the Proletariat, The Kingdom Mafia, Ashes of a Martyr, Avaris, Etyma. Saturday, Phil Pritchett, Dylan James. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)

Texas Rose Saloon

Saturday, Larry Tillery. Monday, Lee Bains, The Third, Glory Fires. Wednesday, Larry Tillery. Ages 21 and older. 409-833-3900 (Beaumont)


Friday, Ronnie Stallworth. Sunday, Wayne Cook. (Beaumont)

Big Rich’s Place

Thursday, Max Stalling, $30. 409-860-9811 (Beaumont)

Victoria House

Sunday, The Demon Beat. All ages. 409-833-9015. (Beaumont)

Dixie Dance Hall

Thursday, Randy Rogers Band, John Tauzin Band, $20-$25. Ages 18 and older. 409-833-4002 (Beaumont)

Whiskey River

Thursday, Geno Delafose and French Rockin’ Boogie. Ages 18 and older. (Beaumont)

The Thirsty Rose

Friday, Ramzie Redd and 20/20. Ages 21 and older. 409-246-4669 (Silsbee)

Honky Tonk Texas

Friday, Guilty, $5. Saturday, Al White and Chapparell, $5. Ages 21 and older. (Silsbee)


Friday, Do Not Destroy. Saturday, The Ruxpins, Reprise. Tuesday, Left Turn Clyde. Wednesday, karaoke, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-1600. (Port Arthur)

The Place

Saturday, Mark Solis Band, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-736-2650. (Port Acres)

Jake’s Place

Saturday, Karaoke with Joyce Rainey, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-721-5852. (Nederland)

King’s Cue Stick

Friday, Chaos featuring Tony Faulk. 409-722-8899 (Port Arthur)

Uncle Bill’s

Friday, Larry Tillery Band. Saturday, Ricefield Road. Ages 18 and older. 409-853-1673 (Nederland)

Rancho Grande

Monday, Tod Stark, free. 409-729-9105 (Port Arthur)

The Boudain Hut

Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Phillip Glyn and Daze. Friday-Saturday, Creole Cookin’. Tuesday, karaoke. 409-962-5079. (Port Arthur)

La Cantina

Thursday, Skeeter Jones, free. 409-727-0404 (Port Arthur).

Mr. Giggles

Saturday, Chaos featuring Tony Faulk. Ages 21 and older. 409-960-6395 (Port Arthur)

R Bar

Sunday, Roger Ward and The Storm (4 p.m. - 7 p.m.) Ages 18 and older. 409-548-0637 (Port Arthur)

Capri Club

Thursday- Friday, Lucky Star Karaoke. Saturday, Parabellum, $5. Ages 21 and older. 409-724-1030 (Port Arthur)

Larry’s French Market

Thursday, Rod Rishard. Friday, Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins. Saturday, JAG. 409-962-3381. (Groves)


Thursday, open mic night. Saturday, David Joel, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-237-5078 (Nederland)

The Embers Club

Friday, Blake Sticker. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-2121 (Nederland)

Good Times

Thursday, Jimmy Kaiser and Todd Howard. Ages 21 and older. 409-962-9858 (Port Arthur)

Pine Tree Lodge

Saturday, Crossroads. Sunday, Billy Poullard and Zydeco Combo, free. (LaBelle)

Double H Bar and Grill

Friday, Jonathan Mitchell Band. Saturday, Ramzie Redd and 20/20. Sunday, Herbie Stutes and the Grand Shin Band. Ages 21 and older. 409-296-2522. (Winnie)


Friday - Saturday, karaoke, free. 409-296-9818 (Winnie)

Gator Lounge

Friday - Saturday, Steel Shot, free. Ages 21 and older. (Vinton, La.)

Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Thursday - Saturday, George Poe. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Caribbean Cove

Friday, The Kadillacs, free. Saturday, JD Newbury and Southwind, free. Wednesday, Black Tie Affair. Ages 21 and older. (Lake Charles, La.)

Otis and Henry’s

Thursday, Albert Simpson. 337-395-7102 (Lake Charles, La.)


Saturday, Los Bums. Ages 18 and older. 337-421-0045 (Lake Charles, La.)

Happie Hippy Pizza

Friday, With or Without. 337-421-1717 (Lake Charles, La.)

Cigar Club

Friday, Albert Simpson, free. Saturday, Street Side Jazz Band, free. Wednesday, Tom Brandow, free. Ages 21 and older. 337-562-8889 (Lake Charles, La.)

Huddle Up Sports Bar

Thursday, karaoke. Friday, Mark Reeves. Saturday, Kenny Spears. Wednesday, Jason Stutes. 337-656-2905 (Lake Charles, La.)

Luna Live

Thursday, Signlas to Vega. Friday, Carlton Pride and the Mighty Zion. 337-433-4388 (Lake Charles, La.)

Send all entertainment listings to or call 409-721-2819.