(Orange, Texas)

December 12, 2013

Bringin' down the 'Wolf House'

Rockers We Were Wolves return with new CD, concert

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

BEAUMONT — We Were Wolves will always be considered a local band, despite the fact the quartet moved to Houston in 2012 so it could spread its music, mayhem and fleas to the masses.

The group has made a successful transition from local to regional rockers, but the guys are back in town to celebrate the release of its newest album, "Wolf House." The band will perform Friday, Dec. 13, at Tequila Rok in downtown Beaumont for ages 18 and older. Special guests are Not in the Face, Hello Chief and Booty Control. Admission is $5 per person.

Guitarist and vocalist Drew Haught recently spoke with The Orange Leader about the album, the concert, and the future of the band, all complete with that sharp We Were Wolves humor that makes these guys so lovable.

Orange Leader: Tell me about the new CD.

Drew Haught: Our new record is called “Wolf House.” It has 11 songs on it and is over 35 minutes of pure hand-rolled, non-filtered rock and roll. If it was an olive oil, it would be a prestigious Italian olive oil that would be sold at a high price domestically. We’re providing this at a much more affordable price, while still being extremely smooth on the way down.

OL: Where did you guys record it?

DH: It took about a week in Austin to make the record. It was engineered by Ben Galloway and produced by Jake Perlman at The Space studio.

OL: How does “Wolf House” compare to the previous We Were Wolves CD? Is the material similar? Has the band’s sound evolved any? If so, how?

DH: It’s better than our old CD for sure. It’s probably the best thing any of us have ever accomplished ever. It’s more refined, like a nice cut of farm raised chicken covered in hot lather. It’s like sleeping inside of a nice hotel room with free wi-fi. It’s like the Point Break of rock and roll.

OL: What continues to drive this band to be successful?

DH: We love to play rock and roll. When we were kids, we were each haunted by the same ghost.

OL: Has relocating to Houston helped the band as you all hoped/imagined/expected? What’s changed?

DH: Living in Houston has be really fun. We moved here on August 1, 2012 and have been wrecking shop ever since. We have all been inducted into the NASA space program and are going to be the first rock band to play a show at the international space station! It’s beyond our wildest dreams!

OL: What’s next for the band? Tour? Shows? More recording?

DH: Our next move will be touring regionally while we wait for some other things that have been thrown our way to pan out. We’re sure we will do another record probably sometime next year and that’ll be even better than this one.

For more information, visit the band’s official website.