(Orange, Texas)

July 3, 2013

Celebrate our freedoms

Gabriel Pruett
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — This Thursday we as a nation will celebrate our 237th birthday. There will be good food, many speeches and fireworks in the skies.

The importance of this day cannot be lost in all the celebrations we will have when we take a day away from work.

We celebrate our Declaration of Independence which we proudly reprint today on this Opinion Page along with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

There is nothing more important to an American than our freedom. Men and women have died for our freedoms.

Fathers and mothers have not returned home from the field of battle after fighting for the freedom of Americans they had never met.

It is these acts of honor we truly celebrate Thursday along with our founding fathers who stood up against their past ruler to build a free nation.

These men had a vision for what our nation should be and it all started with the word independence. We no longer would live under the rules of another government.

So this July 4th, make sure to say a thank you to the men in 1776 who helped birth our free nation.