(Orange, Texas)

May 25, 2012

Early voting concludes with highest daily turnout

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — With the completion of early voting, all eyes now turn to Tuesday.

Election Day for the Republican and Democratic Primary elections is Tuesday, May 29, across Orange County. After months of stop and start political campaigns courtesy of the much delayed district realignment process, election day is near.

Early voting across Orange County was a story of extremes. Turnout for the Republican Primary election was approximately four times more than the Democratic Primary election, mostly because the only locally contested races were in the Republican Party this year.

A total of 4,459 early votes were received in the Republican Primary election at the four early voting polling sites in Orange County. This included 428 ballots being submitted on Thursday, May 24. On Friday, the final day of early voting, each early voting site had its highest daily turnout of the two week period as another 682 ballots were received.

The Democratic Primary election was a bit slower with no contested races as a total of 1,096 early votes were received. The highest turnout of the early voting period was also on Friday, as 132 ballots were submitted at the four early voting locations. Another 99 ballots were turned in by registered voters on Thursday.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 29.


Thursday, May 24, and Friday, May 25


                            Rep.         Dem.

Orange               158/241    56/73

Bridge City           96/119    13/18          

Vidor                120/230     17/23               

Mauriceville         42/81        4/11

Mail                    12/11       9/7

Military                   0            0


Thurs. total          428          99   

+ Fri. Total           682         132

+ Prev. Total       3,349        865


TOTAL               4,459        1,096