(Orange, Texas)

December 1, 2012

Season ends as CCS Lions go down 57-12

Mike Louviere
The Orange Leader

BELLVILLE — The Cinderella season for CCS ended Saturday when the Lifegate Christian School Falcons of Seguin scored on the first play of the third quarter to kick in the 45 point mercy rule, the game ended 57-12, Falcons.

The game opened with a kick off that went out of bounds. The resulting penalty spotted the ball midfield on the 40 yard line. The Lion’s play was fumbled and the Falcons recovered.

On the Falcons first play, a short pass to Tyler Swisher resulted in the Falcons’ first touchdown. The good PAT kick put the score at 8-0, Falcons with 9:44 left in the first quarter.

The kick to the Lions was taken by R C Morris, deep. Morris did some broken field running and managed to evade a tough defense to cross the goal line. However, there was a flag on the play. An illegal block by a Lion resulted in the touchdown being negated. That would be the only time in the game a long broken field run would be made by a Lion.

As the Lions began their first possession, they got a taste of how tough the Falcons defense would be. Five plays after the negated touchdown and faced with a 4th and 40 situation, the Lions were forced to kick. The kick went deep to Swisher.

Swisher managed to only run a short distance before he was buried by Lion Alex Parrish.

The Falcons ran six plays series nothing spectacular, gained yardage and on their seventh play a completed pass to Swisher resulted in a TD, a good PAT put the score at 14-0 with 4:57 left in the first quarter.

R C Morris recovered the short kick. There was a short loss on the first play. On the second play C J Morris was hit hard, his grip on the ball slacked and a Falcon player snatched the ball out of his arms and gained possession for the Falcons.

In the Falcons series they gained ten yards on the first carry. The second try at moving the ball resulted in a loss of five yards when Parish and Joe LeBlanc buried the runner for a loss of five yards. Two plays later, Swisher scored, but a Falcon penalty resulted in the TD being called back. The Falcons moved the ball to the seven yard line and on the next play Patrick Haley ran the ball across to make the score20-0, the good boot made the score 22-0, Falcons.

Morris returned the kick for some good yardage, but a Lions personal foul caused the ball to be spotted on the 11 yard line. Each time either Morris or Wagner tried to carry the ball; they were immediately buried by at least four Falcons.

The first quarter ended with the Lions in possession of the ball. On the Lions first play of the second quarter a fumble gave the ball to the Falcons. The Falcons play in a second and 12 situation was stopped by Parish, but gained a first down. Dakota Alexander stopped a second and 15 running play after a gain of seven yards.  The ball had moved to the one yard line. Swisher got the ball and dashed across. The score and the PAT moved to 30-0, Falcons with 7:55 left in the half.

On the second play of the Lions possession, Morris attempted to run the ball, but was almost immediately buried by five fierce Falcons for a loss of two yards.  The Falcons defense was hard, fast, and knew exactly where to go. It was evident they had studied the Lions game films. The Lions were unable to gain a needed first down and the ball went to the Falcons.

The Falcons ran the ball to a first and goal position. Josh Dodson took the ball on the next play and scored, they ran the PAT and put the score at 42-0 with only 3:10 showing left to play in the second quarter.

The kick was a touch back and the Lions took the ball on the 20 yard line. A long pass to Jacob Alexander put the Lions in scoring position. Morris took the ball across on the next play to put points on the board. The PAT was blocked and the board read 43-6.

The Lions kick was run back by Swisher who was stopped by Parish and LeBlanc of the Lions. Two good pass plays put the Falcons on the board again. The PAT was good and the score was 51-6, Falcons. There was only 1:53 left to play in the half.

Morris ran the kickoff to the 23 yard line. Play got sneaky when Morris at quarterback made a short pass to Alexander that gave the Lions a first down. Another pass to Parish and two to Lawrence Gallow kept the ball moving. Another pass to Gallow and one to Jacob Alexander moved the ball to a goal line position. A short pass to Gallow gave the Lions their second touchdown as the buzzer sounded ending the half. The PAT was solidly blocked and the score at the end of the first half was 51-12, Falcons leading.

At the start of the third quarter the Falcons covered the kickoff at the 34 yard line. On their first play Swisher carried the ball on a run that crossed the goal line and ended the game at 57-12, as a result of the Mercy Rule.

At no time in the game did any of the Lions slack off. They had some bad breaks and some penalties that cost them yardage and position, but they shook it off and played every play like it was the first play of the game. The Lions are a young team with only three seniors, the Falcons had six. The Falcons had only allowed a total of 101 points scored against them in 12 games. Their strong defense and evident rapt attention to the game films of the Lions made them a formidable opponent.

The Lions are in only their second year of competition. For them to have gone through three rounds of playoffs this year is quite an achievement. Look for them to do even better next year, they are losing three seniors and gaining eight freshmen who gained experience this year on the junior high team. The coaches will be continuing their education as they make the transition from 11-man to six man football.